Hotel Splendido Marketing Objectives, Strategies and Planning for New Products

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                                                  Hotel Splendido, Portofino, Italy


Hotel Splendido is a hotel in a small fishing village in Portofino, Italy. Formerly home to a Benedictine monastery, it was abandoned in the 16th century after being ransacked by the Saracen Pirates many times. Ruggero Valentini purchased it and transformed it into a hotel in 1902. Since its inception, the hotel has played host to various famous people and noble families.

In 1986, Orient Express Hotels bought the hotel and in 1998, purchased an existing building on the piazzetta in Portofino which had originally been the village’s first osteria, and opened the Splendido Mare offering 16 rooms and suites, most with a balcony or terrace. Among the visitors from this time to the present have been the Duke of Windsor, Winston Churchill and Rex 1952, Clark Gable in 1953, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Groucho Marx and Ava Gardner in 1954, Frederic March in 1955, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in 1967.

Positioned as Italy’s most glamorous sea resort, a simple SWOT analysis would include its historical reputation, a loyal following of many of its returning guests who love its size, the fantastic atmosphere of its location and stylish reputation  as its strengths as well as stunning views of the sea and unique bedrooms and suites.. Its weakness may include its limited property size, and a threat could be its area of expansion due to the geographical terrain of the area.

Hotel Splendido is not the only luxurious style resort in the world, but what sets it apart other than its strengths, among other luxurious resorts. One can clearly see its objectives such as the opening of the Splendido Mare in the Village itself, which has basic luxury, and has more affordable rates than Hotel Splendido. Guests from Splendido Mare have access to all facilities of Hotel Splendido. This is a unique way to meet its diversified customer target.

One way Hotel Splendido uses its competitive strategy to stay ahead of other luxurious resorts would include the opportunity to dine with the stars, marketed as a two day event, including culinary highlights of different star chefs, which includes a private concert of harp and violin or a funny truffle hunting with a dog in San Minato, a tiny Tuscan hilltop village. In this way, they increase their sales objective as well, since they provide opportunistic events for guests who are already staying there to book different experiences either in Splendido itself or in different locations in Italy, provided by the hotel.

So how does Hotel Splendido differs from other luxury resorts? From the  innovative style of having a mascot catering to the kids to help guide the way, to dining with 21 stars, as well as the ladies of leisure escapes, integrating local culture like Bread, Love and Portofino, musicals, geographical excursions, fashion, weddings, culinary aspects into its offerings, it uses all three aspects of the Defensive, Imitative and Responsive planning methods.

For example Hotel Splendido clearly shows the “Second but better strategy” imitative planning for new products method. Splendido’s unique style of integrating Italian culture onto similar products, has given it an edge in competition among other luxury resorts.

                                        Splendido Hotel Video begins from 9.00 minutes onward.

Splendido has also used a responsive way to plan for new products, although it is a luxury hotel, it caters to the needs of the people who have a lower purchasing power, such as the opening of the Splendido Mare in the Village of Portofino. Responsive planning comes about based on customer demand.

Marketing encompasses merging, integrating, and controlling supervision of all company’s or organization’s efforts that have a bearing on sales(REID 2010). It is a proactive strategy which has been clearly used by Hotel Splendido. It determines customer wants and needs and then design products and services to meet those needs. For example children are welcome into the wellness center which features a great array of treatments for children, including a family yoga class.

Hotel Splendido has plenty of opportunities. In my personal view, since Portofino has an excellent setting and marina, Splendido can market their own unique luxury cruise as part of their product in the future.

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  1. chn0309 says:

    really nice pictures. ur analysis is specific and correct. I like your example cause it’s interesting and special with others and mine. u know, i always make example with Hilton or some familiar hotels. good infor

  2. puri0007 says:

    Reading about all hotels from different countries is actually very interesting. Nice job! 🙂

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